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Data cost management

The popularity of mobile devices has created the largest technology footprint for hackers to steal corporate and personal data. Combined with 4G, ever-growing app creation and video, the demand for data is also higher than ever. Leaving businesses struggling to protect, predict or control their mobile data. This solution sits transparently in the path of the web traffic from the browser to mobile applications, offering an unrivalled view into mobile data. Providing you with real-time insights that go beyond MDM or other security vendors, allowing you to prevent threats, enforce policy and reduce your business’s mobile data usage.

Services available

Data management 

The increasing popularity of services such as YouTube and Netflix mean that data pools are being drained much faster. Set intelligent rules about which employees can access which services, keeping tabs on mounting data usage. You'll be able to create custom notifications when certain thresholds are reached, giving you the visibility you need to set caps and wrestle control of data usage at the time it matters most.  Usage can be further cut by more than 10% by compressing data in real-time, in a way that’s undetectable to the end-user. Business trip overseas? Create and enforce policies that manage this depending on location.

Enterprise mobile security

App scans can identify any apps with improper permission levels or those that might be leaking sensitive data, in real-time, providing zero-day threat detection. This solution is able to monitor each device’s network connection activity, meaning rogue or suspicious Wi-Fi hotspots can be identified in an instant. Communication with risky sites can be isolated and untrustworthy connections can be blocked. Analysis of unusual configurations and unexpected behaviors helps reveal potential risks, whilst his solution surveys for usage spikes, location changes, modifications to apps and other anomalies to uncover and prevent new threats.

Cross-platform support 

Not only we will offer you free support throughout your entire contract, the diverse mobility offered by the solution provides cross-platform support across iOS and Android for customers with corporate device fleets and for those who manage CYOD and BYOD programmes – offering complete flexibility. (Windows support is coming soon). For more information on the Secure Mobile Gateway, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are always more than happy to help!