How Office 365 will benefit your business

How Office 365 will benefit your business

Super Smart E-mail, Calendar and Contacts

  • With Office 365, your email, calendar and contacts are automatically updated across the devices you use the most. Whether you’re on your PC, Smartphone or your Mac, you can ensure you stay in sync with the information you need. Unlucky enough for your Mac to crash? Grab those crucial prospect details from your smartphone. On a call? Check your diary on your PC while you converse, secure that meeting date, and know that your mobile will automatically catch up.

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  • In fact, scheduling a meeting is now easier than ever. You can ‘share’ calendars with colleagues. View calendars side by side, and compare availability as you go. You can make sure you work around each other, ensuring you have enough bodies back at base to man the phones, welcome customers, or let the delivery man in.
  • And you can even use your existing domain name to create professional email addresses. So if you’re Tina from Dave’s Deliveries. You can have, rather than an unpolished, less authentic address such as
  • And while you take advantage of the Office 365 features,your organisation is gaining added protection from spam and viruses with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection. With multiple filters and virus-scanning engines, you can avoid another “Complete this survey for $3000!” email.

Create, and even Market your Own Site

  • Office 365 goes beyond email, and gives you the ability to create your business its very own ‘team site’. With this site you can share documents and information with colleagues, and even customers. With your important docs online, you can make sure the latest versions are always at hand. And easily protect critical business information by controlling who can unlock, read and share documents and information. And you can even use Office 365 to market your business. With Office 365 you can create a simple public-facing website with a custom domain name. For example,, giving you a professional online presence for customers and prospects to visit.

Exceptional Convenience with all the Apps you Need

  • Office 365 Web Apps are companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that offer you an easy way to access, view, and edit docs directly from your web browser. This means you can re-fresh on your notes before that all-important meeting, or finish off that report before you get to the office. All you need is a web browser. Office Web Apps are designed to provide you with a similar experience to the desktop Office applications, for complete ease of use.

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Instant Messaging and Meetings

  • Equip your business with instant messaging and conduct rich online meetings – including audio, video and web conferencing, with people both inside and outside of your organisation. Conduct a video call to a customer in need of support, or to your colleague upstairs to discuss your latest project. You can even share your screen. With screen sharing, your colleague, customer or whoever you’re connecting with, can see exactly what you’re looking at on your desktop. Maybe you’re showing that customer how to log into their online account with a live demonstration, or your colleague the changes you made to the project flyer. You can even give them control of your screen remotely so they can make any changes or scroll through. The Office 365 instant messenger offers a new way to improve your customer service and communication with colleagues and prospects, while cutting unnecessary travel and thus company expenses.

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